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I solemnly swear that I answered all the questions on this quiz with complete honesty, or at least picked the answers I honestly thought were closest to the truth of the matter:

What kind of Snapeist are you?

You are an Orthodox Snapeist.
You take Canon!Snape at face value -- like JKR says, Snape is "a deeply horrible person". You like to write/read stories where he's portrayed as supercilious, unfair, often undignified, and sometimes downright cruel. You may accept some partial explanations for his behavior when they're offered in canon, but you're still pretty hard on him, and don't like to let him off the hook. The guy's a nasty, unwashed git -- it says so in the books!
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Also, while I wouldn't be surprised if pauraque came up with the notion of sorting Snapeists into denominations on the Jewish model independently, I did propose this very idea on the Snapefans Yahoo!Group back on July 1, 2001. (Boy, am I old.)
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