March 23rd, 2011

A Pocket Full of Murder

In which my camera is clearly inferior to Jackson's

So a while back, the nice folks at my UK publisher, which also happens to be Jackson Pearce's UK publisher, asked if Jack and I would be interested in doing a video together. And since I really enjoyed Sisters Red and she really enjoyed Knife a.k.a. Spell Hunter and Rebel a.k.a. Wayfarer, coming up with questions to ask each other was no hardship!

However, Jack is a veteran of video blogging and I... am not. So it's a bit squirrelly near the end where I suddenly realized I'd deleted one of my crucial clips and had to re-film it, but couldn't quite get the camera angle right.

Other than that, though, it turned out great! Really!

(Note to self: get a better camera.)
A Pocket Full of Murder

Treadmill Desking

Inspired by fellow Canadian YA author Arthur Slade and others, I've taken up walking on a treadmill as I write, watch videos, and browse the web.

It took a while to get a setup that would work for me, as our treadmill is an old fold-up clunker with slanting arms, so my husband had to figure out how to create a platform that was strong enough to hold the laptop but also could be folded up along with the treadmill when not in use.

Fortunately, my husband is a genius. Collapse )

After three days of using the treadmill desk off and on, I could easily see myself getting into the habit of working on the treadmill at least half the time. It's not hard to do 30-45 minutes of writing or browsing before taking a break for another 30-60 minutes and then going back again, and it's a nice healthy change from sitting for 6-8 hours a day.

The drawback of this particular treadmill (though I really can't complain, as it was given to us free) is that it's REALLY LOUD, and also quite bulky. If I really get on a roll (ha) with the treadmill desking, then I think I would invest in a lighter and quieter model like the one Arthur shows in his video. But if I put on my headphones I barely notice the background noise, so I can see myself using this particular setup for a few weeks or months at least.

And hey, maybe I'll even lose a few pounds in the process! Or at least stop being so ridiculously out of shape...