October 2nd, 2010

A Pocket Full of Murder

Fun with Scammers

Got this e-mail yesterday from my brother, about a close mutual friend who is also his business partner:
J. has grown tired of the endless stream of scam / tele-marketers who call.

Last week he got a Bell guy from India (wasn’t REALLY Bell, just scammers) who were going to give him free smart-phones in exchange for his credit card info. Instead of hanging up, he told them he was VERY interested but he was tired of always changing his existing cell phone’s battery and so he was going to hold out for the new ‘reactor-based’ phones. So he needed to know if the phones they were offering him were indeed the new reactor-based model. The sheer number of follow up calls from managers and co-conspirators seeking to close the deal was impressive and amusing. At least we wasted as much time of theirs as they did of ours.

This week it’s a free cruise for the family. J. said his family consisted of a total of 15. They – to their credit – replied that he could only pick his favourite four... The plot thickens.

This place is fun sometimes.

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