August 12th, 2010

A Pocket Full of Murder

AVATAR fans! Look what I found!

It is sad to me that every time I mention Avatar I have to specify that I mean the cartoon series subtitled The Last Airbender only and not the stupid movie (or that other Avatar with the blue people either). I'll be glad when Legend of Korra starts and we can get away from all that for a bit.

But anyway, I just discovered something last night which made me very happy. Possibly I am the last person to know about this because I've never been involved in AtLA fandom, but there have to be other fans like me out there, so I'm going to share it anyway:

If you've watched all the episodes, there are 450 pages of post-finale comic beautifully drawn and written in the same style as the series (no, I am not kidding) by one of the storyboard artists for the show (no, I am not kidding about that either). It is not your typical pretty-good or even surprisingly-good fanwork. It is brilliant.

"Zhao of the Water Tribe" is the story of Admiral Zhao, whose apparent fate in the series I very much did not lament, and who in the comic is very much still an enormous jerk in many ways (which is to say, believably in character), but by the time I was finished this story I actually a) cared about him; b) wanted to know more about what happened to him; and c) was prepared to declare the whole thing canon.

Besides Zhao there are a number of familiar characters from the series (including a couple whose appearance will make lizbee very happy), but there are also some wonderful new ones invented by the author/artist which are absolutely strong enough to stand beside them. I have so much love for Nauja, I can't tell you.

And now I must go and make scones.