April 10th, 2009

Talk Talk - Colour of Spring

For Good Friday: "Eden"

It's entirely possible that nobody who reads this post is going to love this song the way I do, or even love it at all -- but nevertheless, it's one of my favorite songs of all time. It moved me to tears the first time I heard it, and it still affects me a thousand listenings later. And it strikes me as eminently suitable for a Good Friday post, so I share it with you here.

For those who wish to listen, the song starts at the 1:40 mark and ends at 6:33.


Summer bled of Eden
Easter's heir uncrowns
Another destiny lies leechèd upon the ground

A gilded wreath on reason
The flower crushed conceives
A child of fragrance so much clearer in legacy

Everybody needs someone to live by
Rage on omnipotent

- From the album "Spirit of Eden" (1988), by Talk Talk
Lyrics by Mark Hollis