February 2nd, 2009

A Pocket Full of Murder

My life in tweets

  • 15:57 Stupidly, I have allowed my carpal tunnel to reach agonizing levels again. Bad mouse! Back to the pen and tablet...
  • 15:59 BTW, my 8 yo son is now on Twitter but has nobody to talk to. Does anybody else have Twitterkids? (And yes, I read everything he types.)
Doctor Who - Five - Books

Expos, eh?

Looks like Book Expo Canada is no more, and that the proposed fall event in Toronto aimed at the general book-buying public is also a no-go.

So what OTHER events, festivals and such are my fellow Canadian authors planning to attend this year? I've been seriously considering going to Book Expo America in May -- have any of you been, and did you think that it was worth it?

And then, of course, there's always the possibility of going to SCBWI-LA in August. For those who've done that conference, did you find it worthwhile from the perspective of someone who's already agented/published? Or did you find it mostly geared to the pre-pubbed and not-yet-agented?

I do know one thing, though: next year I definitely want to do Kindling Words in Vermont. kmessner and halseanderson were there this past weekend and their reports make it sound amazingly great.