January 23rd, 2009

A Pocket Full of Murder

My life in tweets

  • 08:28 Cleaning house, folding laundry, making Dixie Pie because we're host couple for the speaker on Sunday... oh, and writing. Something. I hope.
  • 10:49 Thanks, Chicklish! tinyurl.com/bfsymb
  • 11:56 Testing, testing... is this Ping on? (ping.fm I mean)
  • 12:03 has wasted enough time now, off to make PIE.
  • 14:38 Mmm, warm Dixie Pie. Wish I could eat it NOW.
  • 15:35 Dixie Pie Recipe: tinyurl.com/and98p
  • 15:36 Off to read TIMOTHY AND THE DRAGON'S GATE (tinyurl.com/cx8grp
  • 21:40 Reading TIMOTHY AND THE DRAGON'S GATE and just. loving. it.
  • 21:41 gave 4 stars to Madness: A Bipolar Life - tinyurl.com/bhs96h