November 20th, 2008

A Pocket Full of Murder

Rebecca on the Verge

I am starting to feel like a cee-leb-ri-tee with all these interviews going up at once! But the very lovely cynthea has posted her interview with me as part of her "Authors on the Verge" series.

I did the actual interview some months ago, so you may notice that the info about where I am in the writing process with both SPELL HUNTER and its sequel WAYFARER is somewhat outdated. But it's definitely a good snapshot of the ups and downs along the creative journey.

I also got snotty and defensive about Narnia at the end. As I am wont to do, being a bit mental that way.
Doctor Who - Five - Books

Bookity book book OM NOM NOM

Thanks to my lovely generous editor, I can has the new The Magic Thief book by sarah_prineas! And also maprilynne's Wings!

My son will be much offended if I read the former without him, so I must contain my mad curiosity for now. But I have already started on the latter, ignoring the pile of library books looking reproachfully at me from the corner.

Also, I have FINALLY conquered the Dread Pirate Roberts First Scene of Chapter Eight in Touching Indigo, which has been causing me woe for nearly seven months now. Onward and upward!