September 11th, 2008

A Pocket Full of Murder

Please to be not having with the condescension about "juvenile literature", thanks.

jenlynb, who knows whereof she speaks, has written an absolutely splendid post about why YA books are awesome, and why having a YA category in the bookstore is useful and worthwhile regardless of what age you are as a reader. I heartily agree.

Though I'd extend that to MG too, of course (says the woman who is currently in the middle of reading Starcross, and still giggling over Philip Reeve's description of the planet "Abnegation, which was woven out of brown string by Presbyterians").
Book Book Book

Grim but resolute

I asked my editor for a deadline by which I should send her a completed draft of Wayfarer, and she said she'd like to see it by the beginning of November.


Goodbye, cruel world my lovely distracting Internets. See you on the other side.