June 7th, 2008

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The naming of books is a difficult matter...

Book titles are such a tricky thing. So much depends on the taste of the individual editor, or the perceived tastes of readers. For instance, in the US my book has recently been retitled Knife, the Hunter in an effort to make plain that Knife is a person; whereas my UK editor thought the title was stronger without the explanation, and so the Orchard Books version will just be called Knife. Both my publishers had good logical reasons for what they decided -- but in the end, they made different choices.

Some of my fellow debut2009 authors have fantastic titles. carrie_ryan's The Forest of Hands and Teeth is a great one in my estimation -- what better title for a lyrical book about the Zombie Apocalypse? I also love lkmadigan's Flash Burnout, which evokes her book's themes of photography and addiction and has a great dynamic feel to it; and there are plenty of other titles on the list that grabbed me, like Jackson Pearce (watchmebe)'s As You Wish (yay Princess Bride references!) and jenny_moss's The Queen's Shadow and laurenbjorkman's My Invented Life and lisamantchev's The Théâtre Illuminata and, and, and...

What are some of your favorite -- or least favorite -- book titles? And why?
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