May 14th, 2008

A Pocket Full of Murder

Carpal Tunnel IV: From Beyond the Grave!

Guess what I've got -- again?


The first time I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome, it was 1995 and I was working as a secretary. I went through eight weeks of physiotherapy, but what really helped most was quitting my job, making my computer setup at home more ergonomic, and buying a split keyboard.

Since then I've had two more relapses, one very bad (with an extra helping of DeQuervain's Syndrome!) and one that I managed to fend off by putting on braces and cutting well back on my Internet activity.

I am hoping this fourth round will be manageable without going back to physio, but right now the pain is bad enough that it's making it hard for me to sleep, and I feel a constant burn in my forearms and radiating all the way up to my shoulder.

Meanwhile, I have a third round of edits on Knife to get through in the next week or so.

So no more mousing for me -- or at least, as little mousing as I can get away with. Which means cutting back on my reading of forums and web pages and everything else of a clicky nature, until Iyyyyyiiii am myself again [/Blue Rodeo].

I'll still be around, answering e-mails and comments and so on... just not quite as much. And Wayfarer is on hold until I can get through these edits on Knife. S'aright?