April 8th, 2008

A Pocket Full of Murder

The Weasel is our King

At present I am about as far out of HP fandom as it is possible to be without actively loathing (or, I suppose, not having read) the series, but that being said --

I have just spent half the afternoon listening to Wizard Rock and it is entirely lizbee's fault.

The last time I checked out any WR it was Harry and the Potters and I thought it was lame, so I never bothered to listen further. But this guy -- he's actually good -- like, professional-quality-I-could-imagine-hearing-this-on-the-radio good.

The first one I listened to (and which grabbed me right away) was "The Flying Motorbike", but "Luna" has a zany Scissor-Sisters-meet-the-Bee-Gees vibe that made me laugh out loud, and "What You Believe" is my current favorite. And it really doesn't matter if you haven't read the books, either; you might even enjoy the lyrics more if you haven't.

Is that a rec? Why yes, it is. Go now and check out the album preview of Musical Decree Number Twenty-Four.