April 1st, 2008

A Pocket Full of Murder


Oh. My. Word.

The Phoenix Requiem (which is a wonderful web comic you should all be reading, and if you haven't read Inverloch, which is now complete, you should read that too) has the best. April Fool's joke. Ever. And I TOTALLY did not see it coming.

Get it quick, before it's gone! Although it's much funnier in the whole context of the story... so if you want the full effect, start from Page One.
A Pocket Full of Murder

Random Blake's 7 Thoughts

I am three episodes into S2 of Blake's 7 and sadly, I have gone from quite liking Blake and being mystified as to why he is not more popular, to actively wanting to smack him around. I have also gone from thinking the scripts coherent and effective if a bit over-explanatory at times to finding them annoyingly cryptic and at times utterly baroque. Chris Boucher, what have you done with Terry Nation and how soon can we get him back?

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And now to bed.