March 31st, 2008

A Pocket Full of Murder


It seems that I can write after all. After six weeks of head-meet-keyboard frustration, this comes as an enormous relief to me.

Now if only I could figure out the right starting place for this book... but there are worse problems, and I'm sure it will fall into place eventually. There comes a point at which you have to stop drawing up character charts and making random notes to yourself, and just plunge in.

Anyway, I came across a consoling thought this past weekend from Spider Robinson: "You are writing... you just haven't started typing yet." And this is true -- I've been thinking about Wayfarer a lot, wrestling with various ideas and making notes and figuring out the topics I need to research, and I've also been reading a lot of contemporary MG fantasy to get a better handle on the subgenre. So the last few weeks have not been wasted, even if they haven't been as visibly productive as I'd like.

As for my poor neglected Touching Indigo, I think I've broken my block on Chapter Eight by simply ignoring everything I'd written previously and starting over. I've only written a couple of paragraphs of the new beginning, but it feels better already, and I think I can go on from here. Not that I really have time to work on that book right now, but I can at least look forward to getting back to it when I get the chance...

Meanwhile, I haunt my mailbox looking for a Package of Considerable Importance, and when it arrives I hope to have some good news to share.

By the way, did I mention that A Curse Dark As Gold is really, really good? And that I plan to review it soon? *eyedart*