March 21st, 2008

A Pocket Full of Murder

I shall call it, with some levity, the bifocal glasses poll.

Remember how a few days ago in comments I was whining that I didn't feel like writing anything at all, that I couldn't even write fanfic because none of my fandoms were inspiring me? Well, apparently that was before I spent the last two days reading the two Dunnett novels I got off BookMooch.

Poll #1158372 Just humor me here...

Clearly, Johnson Johnson should get together with

Joanna Emerson
Beltanno MacRannoch
Either one, I'm not fussy
He should be forever faithful to Judith's memory
You're going to try and fic Dunnett? Are you INSANE?!

Don't worry, though -- even if I do write it it won't be very long. Plus I probably won't even post the thing, because who else on my f-list even cares about Jay? Sigh.

Have no JJ icon. Must use Campion icon instead. Woe.