March 11th, 2008

Knife - Green

I could use a hand (har)

As the originator points out in comments, this is not a Photoshop Disaster as advertised, but a genuine Original Art Disaster -- which if you ask me makes it even better:

Princess Three-Hands and the Nuzzling Knight*

If any of the other debut authors on my f-list are fretting about what their covers might look like, take comfort: they cannot possibly be this bad. And, if you are carrie_ryan, they might possibly be this good. Excuse me while I ENVY. (Plus, awesome book title.)

And speaking of titles, my editor and I are trying to come up with one for Knife and its sequel, currently entitled Wayfarer. Most of all we need a series title that can link the two books and is properly descriptive of both. So there is brainstorming happening on all fronts, but no magical solutions as yet. So far I think the best suggestion has come from my husband -- Faery Secrets -- but I wonder if that's too passive-sounding. What do you think? And to those of you who know something of what Knife is about, any suggestions?

ETA: As yahtzee63 pointed out in comments, this artistic disaster turned out to be a fantastic promotional opportunity for the author. Heh.

* Thanks to snowrabbitses for the link.
A Pocket Full of Murder

This vocabulary is going to get him in so much trouble

I just had a conversation with my 5-year-old son as I was putting dinner on to cook:

HIM: Where's Daddy?
ME: I don't know. He said he'd be home for dinner...
HIM (gravely): Under mysterious circumstances, Daddy is still not home!

The only way that delivery could have been better was if he'd been imitating Orson Welles.
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