February 23rd, 2008

A Pocket Full of Murder

In which "7" gets all up in everyone's fries, and I make an embarrassing confession

cesario shared this synesthesia-themed Dinosaur Comic with me a few days ago and I got a huge kick out of it.

Also, I just watched the two-hour due South pilot (yeah, I know, I'm a little behind) and I very much fear that I may be falling in love with this show. Which is kind of ludicrous seeing how snootily I disdained it when it was actually on my television, because, y'know, Canadian TV = teh suck in 99% of all cases, and the descriptions I'd read of the show just didn't grab me. But the sheer quirky insanity of the thing, plus a kind of warped Canadian patriotism, has won me over. Also, dead Gordon Pinsent = win.

My seven-year-old is an even more ardent fan, however, and having now seen a couple of S3 episodes he adamantly insists that Ray V. is superior to Ray K. In fact, any time I start a new episode, he demands to know whether it's "the proper Ray" or not.
A Pocket Full of Murder

Ask me anything...

After a week of swearing sweating and tinkering I have updated my website yet again, with a much spiffier and more-like-my-LJ design and new content (check out the logo I made for Knife!).

Only thing is, the pages and graphics seem to load slowly for some reason, even though the graphics are quite small (less than 1K in many cases, and none of them more than 17K). Any suggestions from those more wise in the ways of HTML than I?

Also, I need questions for my FAQ. Ask me questions! What do you want to know about me, about my books, about writing in general...? Even rampantly silly questions are encouraged; I might be able to use one or two of those as well. If you fail at questions, send me LOLcats or links to good fanfic. Something.