February 18th, 2008

Book Book Book

Revisions, revisions...

As you can no doubt tell by the generally profound silence on this blog of late, I have been working very hard on my first set of editorial revisions since I got them in mid-December.*

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Of course, having said that, I know what's going to happen with the next set of revisions; my editor will be forced to pry the manuscript out of my hands because I want to keep fiddling with it forever, and even as it goes to copyediting I'll be running after her moaning, "But wait! I just thought of how to do X and Y so much better!"

* For those who never tire of hearing how slow publishing is, I'll mention that the book was bought in mid-July, and that the contracts were signed in September. So yes, almost six months just to get those revisions -- but in my editor's defense, she had a lot of high-priority projects on the go, plus at the time my book wasn't scheduled until 2010.