January 31st, 2008

A Pocket Full of Murder

Why I should not be left alone in the house

So here I am about to prepare my mid-revision lunch, and I'm holding a heavily pre-buttered piece of garlic bread in my hand and looking at the toaster.

MY FIRST THOUGHT: Hey, I bet I could just toast this right in here... (pops it in)


I'm so glad myself and I had this little talk. But it goes to show how distracted I am by this book right now.
A Pocket Full of Murder

Barrel O' Linkage

Roundup time! I just keep finding links to amazing things so I have to share them with you all.

Firstly, lainitaylor has a gummi bear. She also has an entire chandelier made of them, if you go to the bottom of the post. But you should congratulate her on her personal gummi bear first, just to be nice. Oh, and she also finished a book.

Secondly, this may come as a surprise to certain people who think they know me (or at least think they know what Those Conservative Evangelical Christian Types are Like), but I am in complete and total agreement with the points that John Green makes in this awesome and funny (yet at the same time very not funny) vlog post about a group of people who are trying to prevent his book Looking For Alaska being taught in schools. A book which I have personally never read, but have decided I need to go out and buy RIGHT NOW, because it sounds awesome. Anyway, how about I just let him explain:

Thirdly, snickelish pointed to this brief essay by mrissa explaining something about introverts that many people just don't understand, and it is brilliant and so true that I think you should all read it. It's here.

Fourthly, uh... I've forgotten. Oh yeah! I just watched the new episode of House. Y HELO THAR PRODUCT PLACEMENT BY APPLE. Also, I kinda adore Kutner -- he's such a complete dork.

And now to bed! And now to bed!