December 12th, 2007

A Pocket Full of Murder

*runs in circles*

Contrary to William Shatner's famous dictum, this is one Trekkie who does NOT need to get a life. Believe me, I have TOO MUCH OF ONE ALREADY.

Thanks to an ever-increasing host of church and family-related responsibilities as we gear up for the Christmas season, it's all I can do to skim my carefully whittled f-list for Major Happenings. I must apologize to you all in advance for not being able to participate in any of the myriad love memes and wishlist memes that are floating around -- I hope to make it up to you at some point when things are less crazy.

But what's really driving me right now is that on top of all this, I've just found out that Knife could make the summer 2009 list if only I can get my revisions done in time. When I first heard about the possibility it seemed like a nifty thing if I could do it, but lately some reasons (which I can't go into at present) have come up for me to take the challenge even more seriously than that. So whenever I have a spare moment, I'm squirrelling myself away with my laptop and revising, revising, revising like mad.

The good thing is that I am really, really happy with the first two chapters now -- happier than I've ever been before. But it's hard and absorbing work. And I get a lot more done if I work on a computer that does NOT have Internet access, so... you won't be hearing much from me for the next little while, I'm afraid.

Erm, I love you all, and Merry Christmas?