November 22nd, 2007

A Pocket Full of Murder


Go here and watch the video of acoustic guitar duo Rodrigo Y Gabriela playing their song "Orion". What this pair can do is incredible -- you may think you've got the idea after a minute or so, but be sure to watch it through to the very end if you want to see some truly amazing musicianship.

Also, happy Thanksgiving to my American friends!
Saffron Cake


My mother just brought me the first slice of her pre-Christmas batch of Saffron Cake, and a lovely cup of tea to go with.

I was going to be all MY SAFFRON CAKE, LET ME SHOW YOU IT, only I can't, because my digital camera seems to be broken.


*eats cake anyway*

ETA: The camera problem is Canon's fault. So now I have to ship it back to them, right before Christmas when I need it most. Gnaarrr.