September 23rd, 2007

A Pocket Full of Murder

Stuff, and more of a stuffish nature

Er... I seem to have not posted to LJ for an entire week. How did that happen?

I have been remarkably busy the last little while, but I wish I had more actual writing to show for it. Nevertheless, the things I did last week were largely of the Must Be Done variety, and I did manage to write something every day (including one glorious day in which I passed the 1K mark) in spite of all that, so I am trying not to feel too guilty.

Anyway, belated birthday wishes to my dear friend avarill, as well as editor and Scrabble player extraordinaire Cheryl Klein. I mention the Scrabble because we played a game on Facebook and she beat me handily. Apart from Cheryl I remain undefeated, however, so if you're on FB and you'd like a game, look me up! It's the best use I've found for Facebook yet. (Meanwhile, I am still looking for a use for my MySpace. Though at least I've got my page to the point where it sort of matches my other sites and isn't entirely hideous.)

I must give public thanks and acknowledgment to stealth reader tapinger, who has a nifty book review blog (including F&SF, MG and YA fiction) which I've syndicated as bookroll if you like that kind of thing. He responded to my plaintive request for a utility that would copy my old Blogger posts over to LiveJournal by writing a couple of beautifully efficient Ruby scripts to do the deed. Now all I have to do is go back and tag the significant entries, and my LJ will finally be a comprehensive guide to pretty much everything even remotely interesting that I've blathered about since early 2002. Thank you, tapinger!

Oh, and speaking of people on LiveJournal, has anybody noticed robinmckinley? I haven't read her new book Dragonhaven yet, but I plan to. *rubs hands*

Finally, I see that both Heroes and House, M.D. are starting again this week. Yay? Or at least I hope so?

Up next: I talk about my life as a literary busker, and just what it is that I'm missing now that I've turned pro.
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