August 17th, 2007

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Fall Writing Conference - Anyone Interested?

I attended SCBWI-Michigan's Fall Conference last year and loved it. The location (Gull Lake, near Kalamazoo) was gorgeous, it was worth every penny of the registration fee and every minute of the five-hour drive, and now that the information for this year's conference is up I can't wait to go again. Even though I'm no longer searching for an agent (or a publisher, even) I know that there will be many interesting and useful seminars by professionals (Laurie Halse Anderson, people!), plus some great networking and friendship opportunities.

What I'm wondering, though, is whether there are any other Ontario-based writers who might be interested in coming to the conference as well -- and whether there'd be any chance of carpooling. I'm two hours west of Toronto, pretty much on the way to the conference, and while I've no objection to driving solo, it would be nice to have company on the trip.

The conference will be held from Friday, Oct. 12th to Sunday, Oct. 14th; the cost is $300 US which includes all meals and accommodation; and deadlines are Sept. 1st for those signing up for critiques and Sept. 24th for general registration. You can find all the relevant info on the conference at the SCBWI Michigan Page under "Events".

So, are any of my fellow Canucks planning to go? Or if you know someone on your f-list who might be interested, would you be so good as to point them here? Thanks!
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Friday Wordcount

Erm. It's... better than yesterday's?

386 words.

Starting next week, though, I'm going to aim for at least 500 words a day. Which still seems absurdly low to me, but it'll still be better than my current average.