August 12th, 2007

A Pocket Full of Murder

Made. Of. Awesome.

Dear F-List:

I hold you all responsible for not telling me that Emma Bull had written an X-Files script. I mean, seriously, people, what do I keep you for?

And it's wonderful, of course, and made me massively nostalgic for the glory days of the series. Sigh. Anyway, lydaclunas and other interested parties can find it here: Cuckoo.

And now I must dig up my old text files and see if I can find LoneGunGuy's "Diaspora", which is the other Best Non-Filmed Script Ever. I crack it out and re-read it every few years out of sheer admiration, and I still wonder -- who was that masked ficcer?

Hm, no X-Files icons. Alas.