July 28th, 2007

A Pocket Full of Murder

I wish I had time to write this

Think post-DH fic, circa the Epilogue, or maybe a few years earlier.

Think high-stakes adventure genfic with plenty of excitement and danger, lashings of humor and a sprinkle of romance (with a certain dreamy-eyed naturalist, perhaps). And let's not forget the cameo appearance by the Giant Squid.

And it's called...


Seriously, wouldn't that be awesome? I order all of you to go out and write it right now. Round-robin style if necessary.
Book Book Book

Saturday Wordcount

More edits, more uncertainty. Is this chapter as boring as I think it is? Or am I merely impatient because I'm waiting for my favorite character to show up? Only time and my intrepid betas will tell.

589 words.

Can I finish it tomorrow? Probably, if I can figure out how to end the chapter just right.