July 16th, 2007

A Pocket Full of Murder

Sunday and Monday Wordcounts

Sunday: Zero, but I usually don't write on Sundays anyway and this was an exceptionally busy one, so no foul.

Monday: Alas, only 201 words. I could have done at least a couple hundred more, but instead I wasted most of the day clicking randomly around the webbernets. Bad RJ. No biscuit.

Also, I am still working on typing up the second part of my notes from Stephen Barbara's talk. I keep revising and re-ordering everything to try and make it flow more logically, when really I should just have typed in the points as-is and let people sort it out for themselves.

I also need to finish re-reading HBP before the end of the week. And clean the bathrooms. And get some more groceries. The latter two should probably come first.