July 4th, 2007

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Oh, hurray, lizbee has written a fabulous review of Philip Reeve's Hungry Cities Chronicles so I can just point you to hers and not feel guilty that I haven't yet written one! Though I should also have remembered that I could point to jamesbow's excellent review, which was written ages ago, as well.

Now what I really must do is get on here and burble about my mad love for Megan Whalen Turner, but I want to re-read The Thief first to see if I like it better the second time. (I already know that the second and third books in the series are, unquestionably, LOVE. I just didn't warm to the first one for some reason.)
A Pocket Full of Murder

Workspace Meme

susanwrites is collecting pictures of where fellow artists create, and started off by posting a picture of her own gorgeous workspace. I can't compete, especially since I share the office with my entire family (as witnessed by the extra computer, the random toys, the guinea pigs' cage, and the climbing toddler in the background) but here's where I write:

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I apologize for the really awful condition of that office chair. It needs repair and a cleaning quite badly, after months of being chewed and/or drooled upon. Here's a much nicer view of what's behind me:

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And for those who want a closer look at either the toddler or the guineas or both:

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