July 1st, 2007

A Pocket Full of Murder

Back to the Whoture

After the trauma of watching that New Who season ender, I need some Old Skool Doctor Who to cleanse my palate. Preferably episodes I haven't seen (or at least not lately), which means that the entire Five era is pretty much out. Six is also out, since I've seen all I ever want to see of Colin Baker already, and I've also seen nearly all of the Seven era except the ones that don't interest me anyway.

So rec me some of your favorite stories from One, Two, Three and Four! Especially ones with the Delgado Master, because I think I need a good dose of the suave, diabolically clever version to remind me he wasn't always a complete psycho. Give me Koschei and The Dark Path over RTD's lame Master backstory anytime.