June 9th, 2007

A Pocket Full of Murder

We deeply regret this necessity...

In order to protect myself from HP 7 spoilers, which apparently are already floating around the web (somebody on a non-HP community I visited yesterday had a spoiler icon and was using it freely, which made me furious -- my only hope now is that it was a made-up spoiler instead of a real one), I am having to disable anonymous commenting for the next six weeks.

Since I have several regular commenters who don't have LiveJournals, I feel very sorry about this, but as usual the few jerks out there have spoiled it for all the decent people. I will restore anonymous commenting after July 21st.

Also, if you're on my f-list and you plan to read and discuss HP 7 spoilers in your journal, could you let me know here in comments so I can take you off my default view until after the book comes out? Thanks.