May 10th, 2007

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Calling all writers within driving distance of Toronto...


Saturday June 23, Barrie, Ontario, Kempenfelt Conference Centre
Just 10 minutes from downtown Barrie or 40 minutes north of the Hwy
400/401 intersection

* Agent Stephen Barbara from the Donald Maass Agency, NY talking about what an agent does, do you need an agent, how to get one. He acquires YA and middle-grade novels plus adult literary fiction and nonfiction. [Yes, he does fantasy/SF -- Ed.]

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*** If you'd seriously plan on coming please drop Lizann a note at or as soon as possible. We need to judge attendance numbers because we will have to cancel if it doesn't look like we can cover our costs. ***

Anyone else interested in this? James and Erin? *dangles shiny new agent*
A Pocket Full of Murder


Gacked from mistraltoes by way of... lots of other people:

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THIS IS TRUE. Well, not the social worker part, I'd be a crappy social worker. And not so much the "mystic" bit either. But other than that? Wow. Yeah. That describes my learning process, my reading process, my research process, and my writing process to a T. Including the frustration of wanting to absorb more data than my brain can keep up with, and not being as efficient as I'd like.

And this explains a lot about the difficulties I've been having with my writing process, the tension between the resentment I feel when reading other writers' explanations of why their method is better than my method, and the urge to give those methods a fair try just in case they really do work better... but why some of the steps that I feel are unnecessary in those methods really could be unnecessary, at least as far as my weird little brain is concerned.

Very interesting. I always knew I was off-the-wall where my learning style was concerned, but I didn't realize how, or how much.