March 9th, 2007

A Pocket Full of Murder

WiP Meme

Go to page 123 of your latest WIP (and if you're not there, go to page 23). Count down four sentences and write the next paragraph.

My WiP is still in the outline stages so I'm going to use Knife instead, because as olmue has pointed out, the real interest in this meme is seeing how various authors' distinct styles can be seen even in a single random paragraph:

As she watched, indifference melting into fascination, Paul traded one pencil for another and set to work on her face, glancing at her all the while. This took a little longer, but when he had finished, she caught her breath in wonder. There were her narrow, slanting eyes, her thin nose and angular cheekbones, broad mouth and pointed chin--he had even captured her wary, aloof expression. Not even Wink's mirror, she thought, could have caught her likeness so perfectly: somehow he had not merely drawn her appearance, but her essence.