January 8th, 2007

A Pocket Full of Murder

Where was I? Oh, yeah, Day Five

As you have probably already noticed, Day Five in First Draft in 30 Days and Day Five on the actual calendar are... not so much in alignment. But I am still ahead of deadline, or at least I haven't missed my deadline yet. Remember I'm planning to do this in 90 days (max.) instead of 30, so you can do the math.

I have managed to plow through my Character Sketches, Setting Sketches and Research List, and today I finally broke through my mental block on the Plot Sketch. Now I am working on the Summary Outline -- a sort of essay detailing as much of the book as I can come up with at this point, from beginning to end (and allowing for any number of gaps in the middle, which will be filled in later).

And lo and behold, I find that I actually have a plot. It's nothing special -- "linear" would perhaps be the kindest word for it at this point, and there are elements which will require a good deal of finesse if I'm to keep them from appearing cliched and predictable. But it is at least a rough map from Point A to Point B. And I can already pick out scenes which are going to be a lot of fun to write, which gives me something to work toward and look forward to. Best of all, a character I didn't know existed until a few days ago has not only become three-dimensional, she's starting to insist on taking a significant role in the action, which surprises but does not displease me.

Still working on alternate character names -- though I do think that I'm going to end up keeping Thea after all, and it's only Dr. Tristram Leith's last name I need to change.