January 6th, 2007

A Pocket Full of Murder

Navy Discipline

My kids have been watching Hornblower again, and this morning as they were running around yelling "I'm Horatio!" and "I'm Captain Pellew!" and firing at imaginary French ships, I discovered an unexpected bonus to all this play-acting.

For instance, I'd informed Nicholas earlier that his t-shirt was on backward, with no response. But when I said in a crisp, disapproving tone "Your uniform is on backward, Mr. Hornblower!" he jumped to attention and straightened it out at once. And I often call the boys for breakfast without getting an answer -- but when I said, "Captain Pellew, your toast is ready, sir!" Simon hurried over to the table and tucked right in.

Best of all, when I asked Nicholas a question and he yelled at me (albeit in jest), I said stiffly, "That is not the behaviour I have come to expect from you, Mr. Hornblower!" and he giggled and composed himself before responding in a more civilized tone.

Man, I could milk this for a long, long time...

P.S. Wish I had a Hornblower icon for this post, but how often would I really use it?

P.P.S. I didn't actually get to watch yesterday's episode so much as listen to it, since I was busy baby-wrangling and making dinner. However, I could hear bits and pieces of it from the kitchen, and I must say that Paul McGann's voice is really quite... something. *fans self*