December 13th, 2006

A Pocket Full of Murder

All right, you had your chance...

(And all the people who check in here every couple of weeks or every month are going, "Wzuh?")

As of right now, this blog is closing up shop. All future posts will be over at the LiveJournal. I'll leave this page up for archiving purposes (and also since Blogger doesn't seem to want to delete blogs even when you ask it to, as I discovered when I tried to delete another blog of mine), but if you're looking for new content, you'll need to hop on over here instead.

*does the dance of streamlined efficiency*
A Pocket Full of Murder

The Blog is Dead, Long Live the LiveJournal

And to celebrate the change, I've treated myself to a nice new color scheme for my LJ front page. Yay!

Can anyone tell me how to put a vertical line between the content and sidebar areas, and (thanks, sreya!) make the date headers more closely resemble the ones on the old blog (which I really liked)? I know not the mysterious ways of S2.

Now I must go forth and do Christmas shopping.