December 11th, 2006

Nomad - Ivy

Fly, little manuscript! Be free!

Gone, gone, gone, gone, yes my book is gone,
Now my soul is free and in my heart's a song...

Except not really, because now that I have finished obsessively line-editing Knife and forced myself to mail it off, I can now look forward to spending the next few weeks/months chewing on my fingernails and wondering if the editor and the two agents who requested the full ms. of Knife are going to say "yay!" or "pphhllbbttt!"

To reward myself for rewriting a 104,000 word novel in five months, I am going to buy this book, which I hope will make writing my next book a lot easier. It was superwench83's review that convinced me. However, I have determined to take a sanity break from writing for the rest of December, so I'll have to wait until January to find out if the book's system really works.

Things I must now do, the sooner the better:
  • Get my two younger children immunized against chicken pox, since my oldest has already succumbed. I do not want to be dealing with poxy children over Christmas if I can help it.

  • Go over my message for our church's Coffee Hour this Thursday.

  • Round up the choir for another couple of practices before the Christmas program on Sunday night.

  • Make Bible-type costumes for my two sons who are in said Christmas program. (Note to self: look for bathrobes at Goodwill. You will not find them since 1,000,000 other mothers with children in Christmas plays will be doing the same thing, but it will make you feel better that you tried.)

  • Shop for 16 nephews and nieces. (Fortunately, most of them like books. Even better, most of them like fantasy/SF. Win!)

  • Make Snickerdoodles (thank you, kizmet_42), Alaskan shortbread, and Carrot Pudding. Possibly The Thing as well, if I feel up to it.

Also, I have a question of deep and abiding import:

Should I merge my blog with my LJ come January?

Yes! That way everything will be in one handy place, and you will update more often.
No! That will mean I have to read stuff I'm not interested in, like your kids and your occasional digressions into theology.
No skin off my nose either way.
My opinion is too sophisticated to be expressed by a mere radio button. I will tell you what I think in comments.

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Also, thanks to everyone for the virtual stocking gifts, many of which made me sporfle.