November 29th, 2006

A Pocket Full of Murder

A Prologue, Twenty Chapters, and More Than 120,000 Words

Where's Phil and the Amazing Bathmat when you need them? I want my million dollars!

Yes, that's right, I have finished Knife. And I am very happy about it.

*cries and hugs fellow authors*

Only a few last-minute edits, and this baby's off to New York. Then I'll start querying agents.

Phew! Thanks to everyone who's taken an interest.
Aztec Camera - Knife

Research Help PLS KTHX

Could one of my brilliant librarian friends tell me what the Daily Telegraph (UK) headline was for October 7, 1983? I'm pretty sure it was the hijacking of the Achille Lauro, but I'm looking for the exact wording, and I can't seem to find the information online.

ETA: Never mind. I've just cut that paragraph from the final revision anyway.