November 18th, 2006

Aztec Camera - Knife

Things that are TEH AWESOME. And how they came about.

- my fourteen-month-old son just heard a three-syllable word in casual conversation and repeated it flawlessly. The word? "God-zil-la".

(My husband just came back from a business trip and brought Paul a dinosaur keychain that roars and "breathes fire". Hooray for age-inappropriate toys! But he loves it.)

- Hugh Jackman as a rat. As a human, I can take him or leave him, but between Roddy St. James and Justin in The Secret of NIMH I'm beginning to suspect I have a Thing for tall, skinny rats.

(We took the two older kids out to the movies last night. Flushed Away is a great little film and if you have any love of animation and/or screwball romantic comedy at all, you ought to check it out. Also, it has slugs. FTW!!!)

- I am almost done Chapter Eighteen of Knife, with only one full chapter and an Epilogue (possibly) to go.

(Work. Lots of work. But it looks like I may actually meet my early-December deadline, D.V.)

And now for something that is NOT awesome:

- the U.S. Postal Service's online store, for processing my order and giving me a receipt for one batch of 63-cent stamps when in fact they were mailing me (and charging me for) two. And then refusing to give refunds under any circumstances.

(No idea how that happened, actually.)