November 6th, 2006

Nomad - Ivy

Why Blogger Needs an Equivalent to the LJ-Cut

This entry seemed a bit too long to post without a cut tag, so I put it over in the LiveJournal:

A Prayer for my Enemies.

As you might guess, it was one of those mornings.


In lighter news, I am pleased to report that Softy the rabbit has gone to a good home. I really thought we'd have a hard time getting rid of him, but I made one post to a local parents' group, and two hours later, a man with two young daughters came by to pick him up. So he'll get the love and attention he needs (if not, perhaps, the kind of sweet, sweet love he was looking for), and the guinea girls can enjoy their spinsterhood in peace.
Nomad - Ivy

Taken for Granted (I hope!)

Today I applied for the SCBWI's Kimberly Colen Grant, with only a few days to spare before the deadline. I spent about two and a half hours last night composing my 250-word letter, which tells you how frighteningly anal-retentive determined I am to give this thing my best shot.

If I'm chosen for the grant -- although I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much, as I hear rumors that the committee doesn't care much for fantasy, and I know there's bound to be hundreds of other applicants -- then I get $2,500 and an all-expenses-paid trip to New York in February to attend the SCBWI Annual Winter Conference, where Susan Cooper is the keynote speaker [insert SQUEE here].

And if I'm not chosen, well, then, there's always next year...