October 23rd, 2006

A Pocket Full of Murder


So far today, I have committed the following acts of nitwittery:

a) washed an entire (large) load of laundry without remembering to put any detergent in;

b) driven past the store I'd meant to shop at and parked at a completely irrelevant one before I realized what I was doing; and

c) nearly driven through a red light in the middle of downtown.


I think I need to go back to bed and start over.
A Pocket Full of Murder


I was over at the TWoP Doctor Who forum having a peek at the US reactions to "Girl in the Fireplace" (but only a peek, I swear), and I came across this piece of brilliance by a commenter called jthomas666:

Collapse )

To which all I can say is, DUDE. I never thought of it that way before. But he's absolutely right.

*dashes off to work on Chapter Fourteen of Knife*