July 29th, 2006

A Pocket Full of Murder

Whovian Miscellany

Firstly, cryptile has made me weep with laughter, first thing in the morning even.

Secondly, in the wake of all the fandom angst over the end of Doomsday and how sad it is that the Doctor has lost his Wun Twoo Wuv, I feel the need to share this comment I posted in nostalgia_lj's journal yesterday:
...the one and only time in canon we have seen the Doctor unquestionably starry-eyed, besotted, and beside himself with love was that "Good for you, Sarah Jane Smith!" scene [in School Reunion]. I mean, the way that moment was played, Ten looked like both of his hearts were going to smash right through his ribcage and gallop down the corridor after her. I could watch it all day, I swear. It makes me want to write post-SR fic in which Rose inexplicably decides to stay on Earth with K9 and Mickey while Sarah-Jane takes her place... Because Lis Sladen is JUST THAT SMASHING, y0.
So there.

Thirdly, I have Collapse )

I expect them to start filming this very soon.