July 23rd, 2006

A Pocket Full of Murder

Bring out yer dead...

I'm not dead! I'm only editing. Up to Chapter Five now, and almost back on schedule. Only problem is, to make my deadline (which is purely self-imposed, but necessary for my own mental discipline) I'm going to have to start getting more than one chapter done a week -- and since the next few chapters are going to involve a whole lot of rewriting from scratch, and I've also got a bunch of graphic design work to do by early September, things are not looking so good.


But anyway, just so you know I'm still around. I also owe mistraltoes a ramble about May/December and kalquessa one about defending original characters, so if I make especially good progress on the book one day I may pop in here and do that.
A Pocket Full of Murder

Very Useful Words

At the tender age of 10.5 months, my youngest son has a whole two words in his vocabulary.

I know you're thinking "Dada" and "Mama", but no. He does say "dadadadadadada" and "mamamamamamama", but only at random. Until he actually attaches those sounds to my husband or myself instead of a pile of goldfish crackers, the piece of lint he's just picked up off the floor, or one of our guinea pigs, I don't think it really counts.

With these two words, however, he looks (and sometimes points) straight at the object while saying them, and never makes the same sounds in other contexts, so I know we've got actual language happening...

So, you ready for it?

Word number one? "Clock".

Word number two? "Button".

Go figure.