June 10th, 2006

A Pocket Full of Murder

Yet another reason to hate Microsoft

As you can see (unless you're reading this off the LJ syndicated feed), I've just spent quite a bit of time updating the template for this blog to match my nice new home pages. In Firefox, everything looks spiffy, colors all matching and images behaving as they should; and if only I had resisted the temptation to look at it in Internet Explorer 6 "just in case" I should have been blissfully ignorant that anyone else was seeing it differently.

However, for some reason IE6 (I don't know about IE7, so if anybody's running that maybe you can let me know how it looks to you?) has no clue how to handle transparent PNGs, so on the index page of my home site the section headers show up in sepia-toned boxes. It also, apparently, doesn't handle colour matching very well, so the header image doesn't blend into the background but appears as a darker shade. And it seems to interpret CSS a little differently too, since the navigation box on the right side of this blog is wider and longer than it ought to be.

Does anybody know how to work around/fix these problems so that the page looks decent in IE and not just Firefox? Me, I am ze stumped.

ETA: Fixed the PNG transparency problem by adding this nice little bit of code to the relevant pages. Still got the other problems, though -- and now I see that IE is turning up its nose at my margin specifications on my Biography page. Feh.

ETA2: Changed the PNG to a GIF using web-safe colours, changed the template colours to web-safe as well, and cleaned up the CSS using a validator. And now it looks good in IE too. Who da woman? I da woman. I always suspected.