June 6th, 2006

A Pocket Full of Murder

The Joy of HTML

It seems like forever that I've been frustrated with my lack of knowledge of HTML and CSS. I can cannibalize other people's code well enough (albeit with a good deal of time and effort), which is how I made the template for this page, for instance. But to come up with something from scratch was beyond my skills, and any of the so-called WYSIWYG editors I tried -- the popular and pricey Dreamweaver very much included -- came with a high learning curve and did all manner of illogical and ugly things to my code. Eventually I just gave up on updating my home pages entirely.

Now, however, I have discovered Nvu and my happiness is complete. It's easy to use, makes perfect sense, does everything I want it to -- and it's free.

So, after three days' worth of creative zeal and with the kind donation of a new subdomain from the inimitable Liz Barr, I proudly present my new and greatly improved sites:

Mystic Wild Parabola
The Mary Russell Holmes Page