May 22nd, 2006

A Pocket Full of Murder

Da Vinci ha ha HA HA HA *snort*


*holds sore nose*

Sorry, got carried away there. But this book review of The Da Vinci Code made my day.

Mind you, my very favorite bit isn't actually about the novel, but about the Gospel of Judas, which according to a professor at the University of Aberdeen "contains a number of religious themes which are completely alien to the first-century world of Jesus and Judas, but which did become popular later, in the second century AD. An analogy would be finding a speech claiming to be written by Queen Victoria, in which she talked about The Lord Of The Rings and her CD collection."

Getting back to the eminently sporkworthy Dan Brown, don't miss this gem from LJ user holyoffice: The Internet Theologian Explains the Da Vinci Code.

Thanks to Risti and Kalquessa for the links.