April 14th, 2006

A Pocket Full of Murder

The "Gospel" of *yawns behind hand* Judas

Pretty much everything I could say about this supposedly hot issue has already been said, concisely and well, by this blog entry.

In other words, I am not exactly trembling in my evangelical boots over this one, any more than I lie awake nights worrying about the shattering implications of The Da Vinci Code. Heresies that were old hat in the first century are hardly worth Christians getting all het up about now, no matter how many liberal scholars jump on the bandwagon.
A Pocket Full of Murder

This Week's LOST

Note: If you are a fellow LOST fan and prefer not to read negative reviews of shows you love, you may wish to skip this entry.

What, did the entire usual writing staff go on holiday?

I wasn't surprised by anything this week. I saw all the plot developments coming five minutes before they happened, up to and including the ending. There were only a couple of funny lines (one of which was said by Charlie, the other one by Jack for pity's sake) and I actually ended up liking Rose and Bernard less now that I know more about them. Also, what happened to S1 Rose, the one who had strong Christian faith and believed in miracles? I guess Collapse )

Fortunately, the show is usually dead awesome, and there have been some really good eps leading up to this one, so I'm not tempted to give up on it or anything. But man, I want that hour back.