February 28th, 2006

A Pocket Full of Murder

Artwork from the Dawn of Time!

I blame lizbee for this. Well, that and the fact that I finally have a scanner.

You wouldn't know it from my artistic output now (she said, looking ruefully at her neglected deviantART gallery), but I used to draw at least one picture every day. In fact, back in my teens I couldn't imagine giving up drawing any more than I could imagine not writing. I seriously thought about taking a double major in university, with the eventual hope of writing and illustrating my own books. As time wore on, however, the writing kind of pushed the drawing out of my mental spotlight, and here I am twenty years later, still working away at the writing, but only dabbling now and then on the artistic side.

So. All that being said, I've unearthed some of my old sketches and drawings, and now I shall inflict them on you share them with you, for whatever it's worth:

Knife (1986)Collapse )

Portraits of Steerpike and Fuchsia (1987)Collapse )

Perryn A'Tavis and Rissian Isolar (1990)Collapse )

I have one more piece of old art to share, but this one was drawn by a real master -- Bill Sienkiewicz. My brother Pete commissioned it from Bill when he was visiting the Silver Snail comic shop in Toronto, and I have no idea what happened to the original, but since I still have a photocopy, I've scanned it for the amusement of my fellow 80's comic geeks. kateorman at least should get a kick out of this one, since I know she likes Warlock at least:

Legion and Warlock, by Bill SienkiewiczCollapse )

I scanned a few more pieces last night for lizbee, but they're the kind of thing best saved for a "Humiliate Yourself in Public" meme (i.e. illos and fashion designs for my pernicious and now mercifully defunct sword-swinging Time Lady princess Mary Sue, who scored a smashing 102 when I ran her through the Litmus Test), so I'll spare us both the embarrassment.
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