February 24th, 2006

A Pocket Full of Murder


I am the world's biggest idiot. No, really.

We got our new DSL yesterday (yay!) and the tech guy set me up for e-mail with a new account in Thunderbird. Today, however, I saw that my e-mail was being nicely forwarded from PoBox to the new address, so it was time to cancel the old e-mail account.

Only it wouldn't let me change the account settings, so I had to delete it.

Which I did.

Deleted the old account, along with all my mail folders including my Inbox (which contained several important things including a couple of articles I was editing for my Dad), all my diligently saved authorizations, passwords, confirmations etc., and a year's worth of Sent Items. And my last e-mail backup was about six months ago, so there's no chance of getting most of it back.

So... if you sent me something in the last couple of months and I hadn't replied yet? Well, I probably won't be replying to it unless you remind me or re-send the message, because it all went *poof* about five minutes ago.