February 21st, 2006

A Pocket Full of Murder

Well, that's one problem solved, anyway

Further to my last post, it seems that the driver for my monitor had gone squirrelly for some reason. When I reinstalled it, bye-bye Windows Protection Error. Yay!

A lot of other problems with our computer might be explained by overheating. We have this massive computer desk made by a company who knows how to make solid-looking office furniture but apparently has no clue of how computers actually operate -- so for the sake of aesthetics and with a nod to security, they designed a cubbyhole for the computer tower to go in.

It's a nice sturdy cubbyhole, too. Solid wood on both sides and all but the bottom six inches at the back (which makes it a real pain to hook up your peripherals, I can tell you), and with a door you can lock to keep bad people away from your CPU.*

Airflow? What's that? Overheating, you say? Oh, pshaw! You don't need the computer to actually function, surely? It's just there to add to the aesthetic appeal of our very nice office desk!

So, because I have enough computer knowledge to use my system and fix minor software glitches, but very little knowledge about hardware, I find that I have basically been baking my poor PC to death for the past, oh, four years. And that would be twenty-four hours a day, because unless there's a thunderstorm, I never turn my computer off.**

No wonder the thing's never worked right.

Anyway, in the interests of prolonging what life remains in the poor old thing, my husband is going to get out his jigsaw and cut some nice big holes in the sides of the CPU shelf.

Then we shall wait and hope.

* Presumably the idea is that they will look at the flimsy little lock holding the door shut and laugh themselves to death.

** I really need to look into whether this is a good idea, a mere matter of preference, or not a good idea at all. I could swear some computer-knowledgeable person told me once that it saved wear and tear on your computer to keep it on all the time, but maybe that's just my brain on crack.
A Pocket Full of Murder

It's a good thing they're cute...

Mommy [cooing, while carrying just-fed, happy and bright-eyed baby down the hall to be changed]: You're the sweetest baby, aren't you? Just the nicest, cuddliest--

Baby: *barfs straight down the neck of Mommy's pyjama top*

Mommy [freezing in horror]: AAAARRRRGGHHH!!!

Baby: *smiles angelically*