February 13th, 2006

A Pocket Full of Murder

What is it they say about curiosity? (Meow.)

Am I prescient or what? A mere 24 hours or so after my last post, say hello to the Nohari Window. Thanks to infiniteviking for spotting the tactfully hidden link.

I have often said (yes, really) that one of my greatest fears is that I have some obnoxious character trait/flaw that I'm personally unaware of and that people are too polite to tell me. Well, now's your chance to speak up!

My Nohari Window

Use a pseudonym if you're worried I'll get huffy on you. Though really, the worst that could happen is that I drop you a line to inquire anxiously what I did/said that gave you that impression and how I might be able to avoid making the same mistake in future.* I have my share of flaws, but I am seldom violent or hostile.

*unfolds lawn chair, munches on a molasses cookie*

* Assuming it’s something I feel I ought to correct, that is. It might not be, because I’m just that arrogant (which is, sadly, not on the list. Though smug is, which I’m sure at least some of you will find useful).
A Pocket Full of Murder

Semagic and Smart Quotes

Just in case anybody else is having this problem...

Just in the last couple of days after upgrading to the latest version of Semagic, I’ve started getting "smart quotes" instead of the straight quotation marks when typing in the Editor window, which of course plays havoc with my HTML. After submitting a question to the development team, quirrc got back to me with the suggestion that I use Semagic’s Autoreplace function (under the Edit Menu) to fix the problem.

So I’ve told the program to replace all instances of smart quotes with straight quotes, and it seems to work now... or at least it works when I go to actually post, even if the smart quotes still show up as I’m typing.

Now if I could only figure out why Semagic won’t show me the names of the people in my Edit Friends window... but quirrc and I are still working on that one.