February 12th, 2006

A Pocket Full of Murder

Experiments You Can Do At Home!

Dear Diary:

Today I learned that if a baby who is sitting in a Jolly Jumper poops, it goes right down his leg and ends up in the foot of his sleeper.

I also learned that it is possible, though not desirable, to function after being up six times in ten hours to feed the aforementioned baby during the night.

*waits blearily for baby to take his morning nap*
A Pocket Full of Murder

And furthermore, you can’t cook and have terrible taste in shoes

Preliminary results from my Johari Window indicate that most people agree I am intelligent and religious, but nobody knows my Sooper Sekrit Powers of being generally well-organized and also quite silly. I have a colossal Blind Spot, but my friends seem to think I am loving and witty, which is very kind of them. I am, however, running low in the Unknown category, which suggests that I may have taken the phrase "all things to all men" a bit too seriously.

It is cool how the developer keeps adding new features to the Window every day, but surely that can only last so long. Eventually, I suspect, he will get bored of tinkering with the functionality and start putting in more descriptors for the input page, such as smelly, tiresome, and fat-headed. Then LJ will asplode with people getting mad at their friends list for telling them what they really think of them. Won’t that be fun!